Choi Hyunwook | Twenty-Five Twenty-One E16 | SOMEIT K.O.K Vintage Flannel Shirt

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Choi Hyunwook (최현욱) wearing a SOMEIT K.O.K Vintage Flannel Shirt in Twenty-Five, Twenty-One (스물다섯 스물하나) episode 16.

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End of Series Review

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One was a polarizing drama. If the expectation that it wasn’t going to be a romantic comedy had been set at the beginning, then I think the ending would have been better received. I thought some of the best acting happened in the last episode, but it was difficult to appreciate given the wild turns it took to get there (going from high-school fencing to 9/11) and the bittersweet ending. We can’t go back to the past – some things we’d like to say can only be said in our imagination.

I started Samsan Style based on another Nam Joohyuk drama, Start-Up. For this episode, I wanted to highlight Choi Hyunwook because Moon Jiwoong’s outcome is a potential path forward for this website. He started a fashion business by posting pictures of street fashion; I post pictures of fashion from KDrama and KPop. While that idea might not be novel in 2022, I hope I can grow this site in a similar manner.