Kim Sejeong | Business Proposal E12 | Miu Miu gingham-print-a-line skirt

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Kim Sejeong (김세정) wearing a Miu Miu gingham-print-a-line skirt in Business Proposal (사내맞선) episode 12.

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End of Series Review

Business Proposal was the perfect, easy-breezy drama. It was pure, entertaining fluff. It was fast-paced and lean, with no wasted scenes, drawn out story lines, or unnecessary angst. Both first and second couples had great chemistry and humor.

However, episode 12 felt out of place because it wasn’t consistent with the rest of the show. Episodes 1-11 were all positive – there were no negative storylines or real roadblocks placed between the couples. However, the series finale introduced Youngseo’s dad’s disapproval, Chairman Kang’s health condition, and a forced separation time-skip. It felt rushed and unnecessary – it would have been cleaner and more consistent with the previous never-in-doubt episodes if Youngseo’s dad had learned his lesson, if Shin Hari had quickly won over Chairman Kang, and if the show ended with a wedding rather than a proposal. That would have been the happiest of endings for this otherwise upbeat drama.